Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 Shades of Summer from Caronia Philippines

You all know how I love my nail polishes. I filmed a video some time last year about my nail polish collection and I need to update it as I have bought and received a lot of new ones since then. One of my latest nail polish gifts are from Caronia Philippines.

Caronia Philippines has been so generous to me and to this blog. They always send me good stuff! This season, here are the cool shades of nail polishes that I got from them. Shades of Summer

One of my favorite colors is On The Go. If you’re one of my regular readers (even from way back 2009), you will remember that I already featured this nail polish in one of my blog posts about, probably, my very first nail art. I love this color because it’s not your usual nail color. Will you agree with me if I say that most of us prefer reds and pinks, and sometimes nudes, for our nails? This one’s really a must try! Even morenas can rock this color. Don’t be afraid to try it and get out of your comfort zone. Believe me! You’ll love it!

Caronia Nail Polish On The Go The first two that you’d probably want to buy from this collection are probably Summer Fling and Rainbow Tan. They really look good on one’s nails. Wear Summer Fling for days where you want to look hot and sexy. Rainbow Tan is a perfect every day nail polish and it suits every Filipina because of its earthy tone.

Caronia Nail Polish Summer Fling
Caronia Nail Polish Rainbow Tan
Feeling so creative? Try First Crush. You can even add dots of Sweet Surprise or Sun Kissed on top of it on your ring finger’s nails as your accent nail.

First Crush
Sun Kissed
Sweet Surprise
Nail art designs with these nail polishes are endless. You just have to use your imagination. Here are some of my takes and tell me which is your favorite.

Honestly, these nail colors are not just for summer. You can wear them all year-long! Already own one? Take a photo of your Caronia nails and tag me on IG or post your photos on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/FashionBySai.

Again, thank you Caronia Philippines for adding 6 more awesome nail colors in my collection!

Shades of Summer

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